1Benefits of plants

Essential oils

More than simple perfumes or aromas, essential oils are vegetable substances containing both active and aromatic molecules. Extracted from flowers, leaves or bark, they are the quintessence of plants. These molecules are charged with "vital energy" and have the power to relax, tone, purify and improve a number of daily ailments.

SHIGETA Essential oils quickly penetrate the skin barrier. For this reason, Chico Shigeta's product selection is almost exclusively organically grown and the result of a search laying the emphasis on quality and efficiency.

Each oil has its own benefits. Chamomile and orange essential oils are known for their relaxing virtues while rosemary and summer savory revitalize the body. Sandalwood essential oil helps establish harmony. In order to help you restore your well-being, Chico SHIGETA has created a set of essential oil blends which enhance their antiseptic, relaxing, stabilizing or soothing virtues: this is the synergy effect where 1+1=3. Inspired by Provinçal aromatherapy, we recommend you inhale them through an aroma diffuser, rub them on parts of your body or drink them as aromatic grogs.

Floral water

Floral water comes from the first 20 litres of water which were used to distil the aromatic plants and therefore retains some essential oil elements. Floral waters therefore share many common properties with essential oils but are much less concentrated which gives them other benefits. Juniper water improves the elimination process. Chamomile soothes the nervous system but can also be used as a face lotion and rose water tones cellular tissues.

At SHIGETA, we have selected floral water which come from organically grown plants. We recommend you drink them (diluted in your daily 1.5L of water), use them as skin lotion or pour some in your bath.

Herbal teas

Herbal teas are an excellent way to quench your thirst and support your hydric balance while respecting that of your organism as a whole. All plants, be they fresh or dried, contain active ingredients. The more the plant infuses, the more it releases its virtues and benefits. Soothing, digestive or energizing, herbal teas are generally consumed warm but are also excellent when cold. Mint and ginger herbal teas are perfect to begin the day and those with cinnamon and rosemary are ideal after your meals. Rose and bluebottle help you relax.

At SHIGETA, we have selected 100% organic herbal teas, with no artificial aromas and the product of plants grown on protected crops.