Detox Coaching

Eliminate the toxins accumulated in your body within 3 weeks. By purifying your body from the inside, the Detox Coaching helps to improve your outside appearance: weight stabilization, slimmer appearance, boosted physical energy, vibrant hair and radiant skin.

In order to boost the efficiency of the coaching, we recommend you combine the 4 principles of the Detox Coaching.

1Your program

Massages significantly strenghten the process of elimination and slimming down. According to your needs, we recommend you do the following movements morning and/or evening as a 3 week in-depth treatment or on a daily basis:

1. Blend Innocent Purity (20 drops per day as an in-depth treatment / 5 drops on a daily basis) with 3 pumps of Basic Sense massage oil in your hands and apply in clockwise motions over your stomach.

2. Horizontal drainage: apply pressure with the palm of hands, from your waist to the base of the stomach, below the navel. Try to imagine that you are pressing 3 cm under the skin. Repeat the movement 3 times.

3. Vertical drainage: Same movements from the solar plexus to the navel.

4Conscious Breathing

Air is the body's most important food source. Conscious breathing exercises improve your elimination system and promote the detoxification of your body: in an upright position, lay one hand on your stomach and the other one at the base of your back. Proceed to breathe out from your mouth while imagining that the skin of your stomach is going to touch your back. Once your lungs feel empty, wait 5 seconds and then quickly release the tension on your stomach while breathing in the air naturally. Breathe normally for 30 seconds and then repeat the exercise. We recommend you do this for 3 minutes after waking up and in the evening, before going to sleep.