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Detox guidebook
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Detox guidebook

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Sleeping Baby
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Sleeping Baby

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Coaching Book - Japanese version

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Jessy Box

Chico Shigeta × Jessica Michibata : two worlds of beauty brought together for an insightful bath time!

Who said bath time was just for cleaning? Paris' star therapist Chico Shigeta and Japanese beauty leader Jessica Michibata unite their talents to create 3 unique Dead Sea Salt and essential oil blends to transform your bath time into an intense self-care and insightful experience.

Its secret:

Each blend brings you the regenerating and softening virtues of Dead Sea salts while offering you a deeply balancing and well-being break according to your needs: 

Sky: "To clear the head". The essential oils of helichrysum, clary sage and green mandarin will relax and inspire you. 

Heart: "Before a date". The essential oils of rosewood, patchouli and benzoin will enhance your femininity and charm. 

Earth: "After sports". The essential oils of green lemon, cardamom, basil and juniper hellp ground and replenish your body.


Sprinkle a handful of your choice bath salts under hot running water. 

Chico's tip: 

Take advantage of your bath time to concentrate all your thoughts on yourself and the idea that you are taking care of yourself. Close your eyes and do a few conscious breathing exercises to make the most of the essential oils' aromatic virtues. 

Find out more about the making of Jessy Box on our facebook page!